Intense gaze, smoke and paint

Notes: Lemon, Frankincense, Freesia, Mimosa, Cuban Tobacco Leaves, Coriander, Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Beans

Pablo, not Picasso.

This is burnt bougainvillaea
on a heavy humid evening.

This is the sun, in its setting,
turning everything to blood.

This is for Paulo,
(not Claude, not Maya, or Paloma.)

This is for the hushed quiet,
The forbidden,
The forgotten.

A reimagining of the candle and inspired by apothecary of yesteryear, Curio Glass is a range of individually handblown coloured glass candles. Each piece in the Curio Glass range is crafted in New Zealand, one at a time, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same, and are finished with a Curionoir stamp reminiscent of wax seals of old. All candles tell an inspired story and are scented with a unique perfume created by Tiffany Jeans.

Curionoir uses biodegradable botanical wax and lead free cotton wicks.

Classic Glass: 390g / 13.7oz (minimum) candles burn for 65+ hours.

Demi Glass: 85g / 3oz (minimum) candles burn for 20+ hours.

Colour: Golden