4ml Pocket Parfum


Parfum created for Kristine Crabb

Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Mimosa, Camelia, Lily of the Valley, Clovebud, Sandalwood, Ambergris.

New to us in store is Gloria extrait de parfum in 4ml and 50ml sizes. This fragrance was created by Curionoir for designer Kristine Crabb's label, also named Gloria.

Gloria perfum, transmutes Kristine’s vision into an ambrosial nectar that at once evokes a feeling of primordial and modern worlds. Inspired by Kristine’s grandmother’s garden, her life and independence, Gloria is a poetic floral bouquet, fortified with woody spices and grounded by a dark, dirty earthiness.

"Gloria is an extremely special parfum, not only because it is the only parfum I have created for another label, but Kristine Crabb has been one of my closest friends for over 20 years. Encapsulating the legacy of the life of her grandmother, Gloria, in a fragrant liquid was an honour. I was also extremely inspired by Kristine Crabb herself, her own sensuality and gloriousness she exudes everyday by just being; creating her empowering clothing and being a mother."

- Tiffany Witehira




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