Feather My Tears




The moon's nature and a swan's plumage on the lake

Notes: Orchid, Lily of the valley, Water Lily, Almond, Cedar, Moss

Inspired by Odette’s grieving mothers tears that formed the lake which held Rothbart’s captives in the famed ballet Swan Lake, feel the moons reflection on the lake and natures fragrance.

On the fog the white birds fly; between us, the lake, the wet crystal of an eye. Now you’re lost, she will always cry. And on the swell the night is falling, while silver silk-lights rise in the sky. When young and bright, we used to lie, we were taught to blink to make the tears go dry.

And now we have, and here we are, a black fringe of feathers, stuck together in sadness, forever ready to dive

Curionoir uses biodegradable botanical wax and lead free cotton wicks.

Classic Glass: 390g / 13.7oz (minimum) candles burn for 65+ hours.

Colour: Lake blue


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