Limited edition Feather my Tears Curio Glass

With notes of orchid, lily of the valley, water lily, almond, cedar and moss, Feather My Tears captures the softness and strength of swan feathers, the moons reflection on a lake, subtle scents of flowers in the still night air and the darkness of moss.

In the famed ballet Swan Lake, Odette's mothers grieving tears magically formed a lake when she heard of her daughters kidnapping by Rothbart. This beautiful lake is the inspiration for the latest edition to the Curio Glass candle range, Feather My Tears.

Each Feather My Tears candle is numbered and encased in stunning blue coloured glass. Hand blown by New Zealand artisans one piece at a time, no two are ever exactly the same. Once the candle is at its end, your Curio Glass is designed to be used as a vase for flowers and foliage.

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